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About Us

First and foremost, we are a Pokémon based Role Play Forum for Original Characters.

Our history is a long and winding story and one we hold on to proudly, our scars in full view like badges of honor. We first began as a Team Rocket fandom corner in 2001 on an ancient Geocities hosted site. It was not long after that, in 2003, when we joined the once EZboard community and started a role play forum to bring our dedicated fan fictions to life in an interactive media. Then there was the infamous EZboard hack of 2005 when a painful chunk of our posts and stories were deleted from the main server. There was nothing we could do to restore our data so we decided to take to our own forum where our work would be safe. The forum on Wicked Rockets, the dot com, was born. We transferred our characters over and we started a new, honoring the previous storyline and continuing to grow from it on our new platform. We happily played there until 2008, when life got in the way and the majority of us went on hiatus. We decided it was time to end on a high note and retire the story.

Our story came to a bitter end, having built up over the last year of our play. The heiress took up the Rockets in the grand meeting hall and sacrificed them all before turning on herself. We were never ones to shy away from gore and tragedy; it was a sad, yet suiting and twistedly enjoyable way to end it all. Some records from that time exist still, for nostalgia, but those forums are now closed to the public. On December 13, 2008, nearing midnight, we said a solemn goodbye to all we knew. To reign in the new year, though, we started on a nearly clean slate! We dedicated our play to the successors, the children, of the previously slain Rockets. This beta only lasted a few months before we discovered deep wounds open easily and we abandoned that brief chapter.

The following winter of 2009 a new seed of creativity was planted. We scrapped everything we knew about our characters and allowed old original character to return and rewrote their histories. This was a huge hit among members and the story began to thrive again. Unfortunately it was short lived and in 2011 a massive update crashed our forum. Desperation and attempts to restore the story proved too futile and it was decided best if we took a long hard look at our site in general. With no plans on restarting what we lost, but rather continuing on without archives, we decided to allow trainers to join and facilitate what Trainers Versus Team Rocket is all about, adding a totally new and fun dynamic to our story. Which brings us to today...

Our beginning is humble and our methods are simple. We enjoy writing and collaborative story telling! We are fans of Pokémon, more specifically Team Rocket, art, expression, well developed characters, and spicy plot twists. We are a MATURE group with language and storylines to match so we ask that our members be older than 18 to join, or at least join as Trainers if your taste and/or you are younger. We do expect members to have a basic understanding of the English language and good writing skills. If you are shy or do not think your writing is up to par, we will not turn you down either. Wicked Rockets is a place to learn as well.

When you are ready to join you may click the picture in the Welcome tab or keep reading under Join.


Our story takes place many years into the future where those who were once in positions of power have passed on or stepped down to retire gracefully. It is in this world the next generation steps up to fill those empty spaces. Team Rocket is a world power, though civilians would never be the wiser to this. Executives run government affairs, Pokémon Centers are funded by Rocket research, and even the Pokémon League President has ties to the infamous gang. No one knows how to access their main base, however, but rumors point to the mysterious "Mirage City". Only the members seem to know how to teleport there and all other information on it is only speculation.

The region of Kalos became the central focus of adventure and progression. Anyone who is anyone has a home there and all major Pokémon events that are not region-specific are held in a hosting city within that region. The Pokémon League headquarters was established there 20 years ago, but the region is most well known for its very friendly and approachable legendary Pokémon which openly wander several major cities.

① There is no application process like in previous chapters, but the processes is still intensive. Be prepared with an complete and thoughtful biography of a minimum of 800 characters and will support basic HTML such as <BR> for the separation of paragraphs.
② Everyone starts out with NO Pokémon. This is so we can write our journey together. There is a Wild Pokémon NPC (Non-Player Character, meaning this account is used only to help progress the storyline and not to interact on a social level with players) which will act like its namesake when you wander the wilderness for you to catch or practice your battling. You may, of course, catch wild Pokémon without this NPC if your post is compelling and believable enough.
③ You will be greeted with a WELCOME message in your inbox once you join. This will invite you to participate in the starter quests which are all played out in the Welcome forum. They are merely to give you a starter Pokémon and guide you through our battle system. You may opt out of these, of course. You will also be recruited to either join Team Rocket or the Pokémon League at the quest line's conclusion. You can always change your mind later no matter which choice you make.
④ Factions exist in this world as the Pokémon League versus the gangs, the main gang being Team Rocket. Players can create and recruit others to form their own gangs not affiliated with the League or Team Rocket. They run their own in-game agendas and have their own forum for discussions where more details of the process is posted.
⑤ Gym Leaders are player awarded positions and are recruited so long as they have earn every badge up to their gym (i.e. if you are the Viridian Gym Leader you must have the Earth badge and every badge before it). If you neglect your gym someone else may take it over. Gym Leaders will be issued the cannon Pokémon lineup and must use those Pokémon in official battles. They do not need to have them as their permanent team, only for official league battles.
⑥ Please be articulate and thoughtful in your posts. Points per post are tallied by word and these points may be used to buy items and vanity pets from the shop to decorate your profile. Do watch spelling errors as well.
⑦ When creating your account please do not make a cannon character or carbon copy with minor differences and try to pass it as an original character. The only cannon characters allowed at this time are Giovanni, Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny. We are an original character based story. Also please seek admin approval for the offspring/family member OCs of cannon characters as there may be story conflicts.
⑧ Please note the 3 Pokéballs at the heading of our forum once you join. These are direct links to our rules, battle system, and other reference material. Refer to those for our Player Protocol, Badges, and Battle System as needed.
⑨ The Blogs and Galleries are for member enjoyment and are not a platform to store any works of art that were not expressly created by that user themselves or to encourage OOC debates and slander. The Blogs are for in character thought and expression only and Galleries are meant to show case YOUR works in the custom folders you create.

When you are ready to join you may click the picture in the Welcome tab or keep reading under About Us.